• Zirconium Crown and Bridges

    Zirconium Crown and Bridges

    Zirconium: The teeth use zirconium alloy, which is a white color instead of metal. The advantage of the system is that it provides a full aesthetic appeal to the prestigious companies with a high degree of confidence and high degree of attainment achieved. They may have natural teeth and other teeth that they want with zirconium

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  • Flor Use in Children

    Flor Use in Children

    DOES FLOUR PREVENT TOOTH DECAY? Flor is the safest and most cost-effective protective application ever developed and proven to prevent tooth decay both from caries and from the onset of decay. How do you systematically protect your teeth? Milk teeth complete a significant part of the development in the womb. Continuous tooth development begins in

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  • Teeth Whitening Bleaching in Turkey

    Teeth Whitening Bleaching in Turkey

    Tooth color in humans show differences like skin color. Some people have white tooth color as a natural luck. Sometimes we are genetically born with a darker tooth color. To make the color of the teeth darker for a variety of reasons is called tooth whitening. You can wear it at home at night when

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  • Known False Dental Problems

    Known False Dental Problems

    Known False Dental Problems. Implant Everyone Not Applicable. ( False) Implant Application Everyone can be done. For this, there must be enough bone in the jaw bone. When there are not sufficient bones, the person can make their own bone transfers or bone dusts. The embrace does not accept my body. ( False) Dental implants

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  • Dental Implants and 3. Dental Period

    Dental Implants and 3. Dental Period

    Dental implants have recently become the most common treatment in dental practice. However, it causes confusion in the minds of our patients. Who makes dental implants, is it a painful treatment? , after treatment!, prices! , brands! Such questions are frequently asked by our patients. Why Do the Prices of Implants Vary? The expertise and

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  • Dentophobia


    Fear of dentistry (Dentafobi) Fear of the dentist is seen to be reduced by about 25% of the British population. In children, 9 out of 10 children have dental fear. The most common causes of fear are; Dental injector itself, the injection itself, the use of aerosol (filling device), the sight of blood, the past

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    Many people apply to orthodontists on the grounds that they do not like the appearance of their teeth. Such aesthetic concerns, when talking and laughing, limit the person psychologically and can affect social relations. Dental and jaw disorders can also cause a variety of problems, including aesthetic problems, complicated, difficult to clean, decaying teeth, gum

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  • Wisdom Teeth

    Wisdom Teeth

    In more than 50% of the Turkey population, the jaw is too small to accommodate the wisdom teeth.Frequent complications include pain, inflammation and crowding of teeth.Early removal in consultation with the primary care physician and orthodontist is a standard intervention today.An experienced oral surgeon is specially trained to remove even wisdom teeth that are buried

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  • Turkey and Our Clinic in Dental Tourism

    Turkey and Our Clinic in Dental Tourism

    Turkey and Our Clinic in Dental Tourism Our Country In recent years, the Dynamic Young Population is a preferred destination for European and Arab countries with special and public investments in health facilities. Our country is more interested in the price with about 50-80% according to the clinics in Europe especially with the clinics and

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  • Halistosis Bad Breatg Oral Malador

    Halistosis Bad Breatg Oral Malador

    Halitosis, Bad Breath, Oral MaladorMouth Odor; Expresses Unpleasant Fragrance Perceived by the Peripheral’s Or Peripheral in the Oral Cavity. Mouth odor has always been a problem for people since ancient times. In the Thousand Year Talmud Book of Judaism, Oral Odor is a valid cause for divorce.The complaint of Oral Odor is a very common

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