Dental Implants and 3. Dental Period

Dental implants have recently become the most common treatment in dental practice. However, it causes confusion in the minds of our patients. Who makes dental implants, is it a painful treatment? , after treatment!, prices! , brands! Such questions are frequently asked by our patients.

Why Do the Prices of Implants Vary?

The expertise and experience of the doctor in implant prices is a factor that affects the price of dental implants, the fact that the practitioner dentist is a maxillofacial surgeon is a factor that usually increases the price. There is no implant practice in normal dentistry education in Turkey. In dentistry faculties, implant practice training is given in the departments of oral, dental and maxillofacial surgery, however, normal dentists usually attend the courses organized by implant companies and perform implant applications.

Why Is The Brand Important Or Not In The Dental Implants Used?

Dental implants are generally evaluated by our patients according to their country, and they are expressed in different ways such as (German made, Swedish made, domestic production). The country where the dental implants are manufactured is important, but is not a determining factor for the pricing or quality of an implant.

For example, German-made automobile companies such as Mercedes and BMW are known as high-quality and high-quality in the sector, however, they are also found in other German-made middle segment companies.

In the choice of implant, the history of the implant. How old is the company, how many publications in the literature about the implant? Factors such as the company’s history in Turkey and its prevalence in the world are important factors that determine the price.

Our patients can easily access whether there are scientific publications about the implants applied to them, from pubmed on the internet where scientific publications are listed.

Is There a Lifetime Warranty on Dental Implants?

First of all, this is the most wrong information about dental implants. Who gives this guarantee?

Dentist ; Who can guarantee that you can outlive you?!!!!

Implant Firm; Based on my 19 years of dentistry and 13 years of maxillofacial surgery experience, I have seen a company that helps patients through a dentist, but I have not seen an implant company that supports the financial parts of the patient who has a problem with the implant applied by another doctor. The general guarantee given by dental implant companies is to replace the fallen implant with a new implant when implant loss occurs after implant application. and in this regard, implant companies and dentists support their patients. In particular, the lifetime warranty for the dental implant contains advertisements and false information.

My Implant Process Was So Difficult?!!

The procedures performed and the dentist performing it are important factors that determine this process. In some cases, when the amount and quality of bone is very low, the post-implant process can be very difficult, implant application takes about 10 minutes. The experience and practice of the dentist applying the implant is also a very important factor for the post-procedure process.

Do you do non-surgical implants?

Scientifically, there is no such thing as a non-surgical implant. description of the transaction; In cases where the amount of bone is very sufficient, only the soft tissue is removed with a tool called punch, the tissue is removed in a round shape and the implant is placed in the opened place without making the tissue incision.

Are You Using Lasering Implants?

Lasering the tissue incision before the implant is placed here? whether it is with a scalpel or not. Depending on the situation, both are used, but it is not a big factor for the success of the implant.

Can the implant be performed in the same session as the tooth extraction and can temporary removable or fixed teeth be placed on the same day after the implant application?

Depending on the quality of the extracted tooth and bone, tooth extraction and implant application can be done at the same time.

Temporary teeth can be made on the same day, depending on the stability of the implant and the area where it is applied. This is a situation that varies from patient to patient. Evaluation of each patient is different.

When can a dental implant be made after tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction and implant can be made at the same time.
It can be done 3-6 months after tooth extraction.
It can be done 4-6 weeks after tooth extraction.
The determination of these times is determined by the dentist according to the reason for tooth extraction, bone quantity and quality of our patient.

How Many Implants Can Be Applied at the Same Time?

Depending on the general health status of our patient, bone quality and quantity, and the experience of the practicing dentist, 12-16 implants can be applied at the same time.

When can my permanent teeth be made after the implant?

Permanent teeth can be made after waiting for 2-3 months in the lower jaw and 4-6 months in the upper jaw after the implantation period.

How long do dental implants stay in the mouth? is there a deadline?

The use of dental implants began in the 1950s.

Implant is the most advanced and comfortable treatment method in edentulous cases. However, since it is a widely performed and financially expensive treatment, it is taking firm steps forward to become the treatment method that our patients have the most problems with. but the most important issue that should not be forgotten is that with dental implant treatment, our patients experience the third dentition period.

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