Known False Dental Problems

Known False Dental Problems.

Implant Everyone Not Applicable. ( False)

Implant Application Everyone can be done. For this, there must be enough bone in the jaw bone. When there are not sufficient bones, the person can make their own bone transfers or bone dusts.

The embrace does not accept my body. ( False)

Dental implants are composed of a material called Titanium and tissue rejection is not possible in this material. The success rate in dental implants varies between 95% and 100%.

 During my treatment, the movement does not match. (False)

If there is no acute infection in the teeth All the teeth match when the right anesthesia technique is applied.

During Orthodontic Treatment, teeth become rotten. (False)

Bonded Braces on Teeth During Orthodontic Treatment Provide More Adherence of Food to the Teeth. This is why you need to complete more and more careful toothbrushing, orthodontic interface brushes, and the third step of oral care with an effective mouth gargle on the bacterial plaque. If Hemorrhage Be Absolutely Applied To The Medicine And This Triple Should Start Before The Treatment Process Has Just Begin

When Brushing Teeth Toothbrush must first be wet under the tap. ( False)

Teeth should definitely be brushed dry without getting wet under the tap.

Tooth Tooth Damages Tooth Gums. ( False)

It is possible to clean the area between the teeth and to protect these areas from tooth decay. Toothbrush for a Full Teeth Cleaning Brushing is not enough; It is absolutely necessary to use toothpaste. It is also very useful in terms of gums health.

Dental treatment can not be done during pregnancy. ( False)

Emergency Tooth Treatments can be done at every stage of pregnancy in the case of the approval of the obstetrician. During pregnancy period, especially 3-6 months period, tooth care treatments can be done and these are the safest months for dental treatment.

In children, Milk Teeth Pain does not have to be done any way as it will change the way; It should be withdrawn. ( False)

Each of the Milk Teeth Changes at Certain Ages. This decline in the withdrawal of the old age has a great negative effect on the general health of the children both on their oral and dental health. For this reason, all dairy teeth must be treated and maintained in the mouth until the time of the change.

Everyone’s smell will not and will not pass. ( False)

Major Causes of Bad Kokun; The digestive system is disturbed and mouth-to-tooth disturbances. PhD for digestive system disorders. Due to the fact that mouth and tooth disorders are the cause of tooth decay and tooth infection, it must be seen to the dentist. In the meantime, an effective care with toothbrush, toothpaste and gargle should also be provided.

Tooth Stone Cleanse, Damages Teeth. ( False)

Dental Cleansing is Not Harmful. When applied correctly, you can not hit Miney. Because during the process the dental tissue, not the tooth surface (Plate, Stone) is removed. Healthy Individuals Even Six Months Check-Up is Recommended.

Toothache When Tooth Pain Aspirin, Tobacco, Cologne, Raki and Salt Cream Pain Cutters. ( False)

Application of Alcohol and Alcohol Containing Materials to the Teeth and Gingival Zone, Alcohol-Aspirin Bite in the Tooth Causes Called Complications. Tobacco applied on teeth has no pain relievers like Salt. Pain, however, is relieved when the current problem is solved.

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