Zirconium Crown and Bridges

Zirconium: The teeth use zirconium alloy, which is a white color instead of metal. The advantage of the system is that it provides a full aesthetic appeal to the prestigious companies with a high degree of confidence and high degree of attainment achieved.

They may have natural teeth and other teeth that they want with zirconium porcelains that are added with CAD-CAM systems that are not satisfactory to the teeth of the teeth and which are not satisfactory to them. The zirconium material used has been on the service of the dentist since 2000.

Advantages of Zirconium Porcelain Coatings

  • It is important to distinguish the natural teeth from the zirconium tooth coating aesthetic structure.
  • The light of the zirconium coating has to be exposed. They do not make a dark color reflection like metal porcelain.
  • In metal-supported porcelain dental coatings, it is often desirable to use opaque materials in the light and photographic flash, Zirconium does not form in porcelain.
  • Zirconium tooth coating is a non-allergenic material.
  • Frequent gingiva bruises do not appear in zirconia in gum disease and gingival tissue cultures.
  • In porcelains with metal support, porcelain starting by taking gingival metal color in time; There is a gray line between the dots and the gum. It is not a problem when zirconium porcelain dental coating is done.
  • Heat-insulating properties are very good because they are very good.
  • Zirconium porcelains have about 900 megapascal resistance.
  • Thanks to these features, it is easy to use on the back teeth.
  • Zirconium metal-assisted prostheses should be used with a light weight.
  • Zirconium does not give a metallic taste in the mouth. Galvanic flux does not cause it.
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