Teeth Whitening Bleaching in Turkey

Tooth color in humans show differences like skin color. Some people have white tooth color as a natural luck. Sometimes we are genetically born with a darker tooth color.

To make the color of the teeth darker for a variety of reasons is called tooth whitening. You can wear it at home at night when you are lying down in an appliance or with a doctor in the clinic.

A pleasant smile goes way through the white teeth. It is possible to get white teeth with some dental bleaching instead of having porcelain made of yellowed teeth in dentistry. Bleaching (tooth whitening) method in the first cleaning of the patient is done. Lips, gums and cheeks are then covered with special insulation materials. Thus, damage to these areas is prevented.

Home Bleaching

The chemical whitening method called bleaching is an effective method to apply whitening of the teeth that end up using cigarettes, tea and coffee. A person who decides to whiten their teeth is prepared with a special dentist to cover the tooth surface after a detailed mouth examination. Bleaching gel is squeezed into this mold and it is required to stay in the patient’s mouth for about 8 hours. This cure is administered over a period of one week to 10 days, as deemed appropriate by the physician. Due to the length of the application, the patient is taught the application steps and is told that he can do it at home while sleeping at night.

Office Bleaching

Dentists are applied in practice by the bleaching method. It can be applied to one tooth or several teeth. The whitening agent is applied to the whitening agent. This method is usually advised for patients who are more difficult to bleach teeth.

In whitening, a substance called carbamide peroxide (10 – 20%) is used.

Things To Pay Attention

The gel (carbamide peroxide) used in whitening can also damage areas other than the teeth, such as the lips and gums. For this reason, careful handling is required. After placing the mold in your mouth, then the gel will go out, clean the overflow parts with a wet cotton.

It is important to use it during the time recommended by my physician. We should not over-apply the process as much as you would until the desired whiteness is achieved. The whitening agent can provide different results for each tooth. The stains and depths in the teeth are one of the important factors in whitening the teeth.

During whitening, tooth minerals can be examined very lightly. This also requires that we take care to feed. There can be “hot-cold sensitivity” during and after whitening. This sensitivity is normal. It will recover after a while.

Teeth whitening back tooth loss is not without conversion. Although it causes the tooth mines to become more sensitive during and after application, this condition is improved after a while and does not cause any significant change on the enamel as the research shows.

Duration of tooth whitening

Bleaching of the process can be controlled with a 6-month period, making maintenance therapy achieved continuity in cooperation with the patient’s cleaning.

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