Flor Use in Children


Flor is the safest and most cost-effective protective application ever developed and proven to prevent tooth decay both from caries and from the onset of decay.

How do you systematically protect your teeth?

Milk teeth complete a significant part of the development in the womb. Continuous tooth development begins in the womb and continues to develop gradually over the years in the jaws. In a child 7-8 years old, the development of the teeth has always been completed.

During the development of the teeth, the fluoride that the child uses to take the fluoride water or fluoride tablet is dispersed throughout the body, and some of it is incorporated into the structure of the developing teeth. The fluoride entering the structure during the calcification of the teeth strengthens the tooth structure and increases resistance to rot. We call this a protective effect of systemic fluorescence.

Who will benefit from Flor therapy?

Flordan should benefit all infants, children, young, adult individuals to protect dental health.

Fluorides can be administered by both the individual and the dentist.

Topical fluoride treatments that the individual can apply at home

The topical fluoride that the individual can apply at home is toothpaste and gargles, which have a low amount of fluoride in their structure.

Mouthwashes and toothpastes should be applied frequently as the amount of fluoride in the structure is low. For example:

• Fluoride toothpaste (applied twice a day)

• Flor garbals are used in conjunction with fluorous toothpastes in children with high caries risk.

Topical fluoride treatments applied by dentists (professional practices)

Preparations prepared as solutions, waxes or gels with more fluoride in the fabric are applied by dentists to all tooth surfaces either with a brush or in special spoons for 3-4 minutes. The application is painless. Dentists repeat the treatment every 3.6 months or once a year, taking into consideration the child’s rotten risk.

How does Flor provide protection against rot when applied directly on the teeth?

The anti-caries effect of flour is constantly caused by the presence in the mouth and around the teeth and contact with the teeth. The presence of fluoride in the mouth constantly prevents the formation of caries acids that cause tooth destruction and ensures that the teeth are not affected by these acids.

The protective effects of toothpaste, mouthwash, lacquer, and gummies with F are identical;

a.Should prevent tooth decay,

Stop the bruising lesions and

c. They repair the tooth mines that have already started.

Topical fluoride treatment is applied to who

-It is enough to brush teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste to protect the oral health of children whose teeth do not have a risk of decay. No other fluoride treatments are needed.

-It can not be prevented by brushing teeth with only fluorous toothpaste in high-risk children.

-It should be applied to other fluoride treatments such as mouthwashes, gels, polishes, etc.

-It is necessary to consult a dentist if your child’s teeth start to rot and the risk of rot is high. Additional fluoride treatment to be applied to the child should be planned by the dentist based on the risk of rot.

My child is using fluoride toothpaste and should I apply topical fluoride treatment?

There is no need for additional fluoride treatment in children who do not have a bruising risk.

It is enough to brush teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day with the aim of preventing tooth decay.

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