Halistosis Bad Breatg Oral Malador

Halitosis, Bad Breath, Oral Malador
Mouth Odor; Expresses Unpleasant Fragrance Perceived by the Peripheral’s Or Peripheral in the Oral Cavity. Mouth odor has always been a problem for people since ancient times. In the Thousand Year Talmud Book of Judaism, Oral Odor is a valid cause for divorce.
The complaint of Oral Odor is a very common problem. It has been reported that 30% to 50% of the results are seen in humans in different scientific investigations. Despite the fact that the odor of the mouth is so high in the society, we can count the patients not being ashamed of this disturbance or complaints as the reasons for the small number of people who applied to the dental clinics with these complaints.
Halitosis 3 Categorized;

-Real Mouth Odor (Bad Odor Noticed by Humans)
-Pseudo (False) Oral Odor (Odor not perceived by humans, felt by the person himself)
-Halitophobia (Fear of Oral Smell, usually felt in suicidal individuals)

Oral Smell is caused by oral cavity at a rate of 85%, and as a result of this unpleasant odor, there are gingival diseases, Half-buried 20 Years Teeth, Dental Caries, Alveolitis, Good Cleansing of Language Surface, Incorrect denture treatments and Bad Oral Care (Smoking, Alcohol etc.).
Oral complaints can be caused by oral cavity, lower and upper respiratory tract disorders, Gastrointestinal Disorders (Gastritis, Reflux), Postnasal Discharge, Mentsruation, Tonsillitis, Carcinomas, Diabetes (Candida), Kidney and Liver Diseases.

It is recommended that the patient pass a general systemic examination if oral cavity odor can not be detected in the oral area.

Indications of Worst Odor From Wound Empty;
• Smell Increases When Patient Starts Talking
• Odor Enhancement with Mouth Foundation (Especially in the Morning)
• Careful Oral hygiene and gargle will be reduced to a distinct shape.
• Non-fragrant Oral Income

The substances that cause mouth odor are compounds such as Hydrogen Sulfide, Methyl Mercaptan, Fatty Acids, Polyamines, Alcohols, Phenol. The main methods of analyzing are organoleptic measurement, gas chromatography and sulfur monitors.

For natural solutions used to get rid of mouth odor, we can sample Egg Shells, Ladanum, Parsley, Celery, Apple, Yoghurt, Dried Fruits, Strawberry, Cheese, Fish, Kiwi, Clove, Green Tea, Mint, Guava Tree Shells.

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