In cases where there is not enough bone in the upper jaw for dental implant operations, they are applied to zygomatic bone.

When Zygoma Implants are highly resorbed upper jaw bone, it is an operation performed without additional surgical procedures (sinus lift or bone augmentations) for fixed prosthesis application to the patients.

It is preferred to perform zygoma implants under general anesthesia. Fixed prosthesis can be made within the same day after the operation with zygoma implants.

The lengths of the Zygoma Implants are in the range of 35-50 mm.

Zygoma Implants in the patient;

Uncontrolled systemic problems

Acute sinus infection

In the presence of maxillo-zygomatic pathology

And mandibular hypomobility (contraindicated in cases where the mouth opening is limited).

Complications that may be observed after the procedure are: paresthesia, sinus infection, implant drop.

Zygoma Implants provide patients with the comfort of using fixed dentures on the same day.

Our Clinic And Antalya Region:

In our clinic located in Side-Manavgat-Antalya, zygomatic implant applications, Dentist & Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist Dr.Dt. Serdal Veske is engaged .

Especially, our guests coming to our clinic from abroad have the comfort of using fixed prosthesis on the same day and our patients get rid of the difficulty of using removable prosthesis.

All dental implants applied in our clinic are FDA approved, especially our patients from Europe can get the same quality products at a price of 50-60% more than their countries.

Hundreds of 5-star hotels located in Side-Manavgat are able to have healthy teeth while having their holidays, especially when they are visiting the natural and historical beauties of the Antalya region.

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