Oral Care and Tooth Treatment

Oral Care And Tooth Treatment In Pregnancy

If Planned Pregnancy is Considered, To Be Listed Before Pregnancy, Do Not Worry About Dental Checkup.

Your baby’s mouth and dental health development should be very careful for the mother’s nutrition since she started in the period of the mother. The nutrients containing vitamins A, C, D and Phosphorus and Calcium important for tooth and bone development should be carefully considered.

Effects of Pregnancy on Mouth and Tooth Health

Pregnancy Gingivitis; Depending on the changed Horman Balances, there may be sensitivity in redness, swelling, bleeding and gums which are symptoms of gingival inflammation, resolving the problem with gum treatment if there is gingival disease before pregnancy, as well as taking care of oral care too during pregnancy period and getting to your dentist in the shortest time It is possible to get rid of this disturbance. In advanced gum disease, there can be very severe pain even during meals.

Rotten Riski; Often Carbohydrate and Sweetening Weight During Pregnancy Increase And Attention To A Good Quality Of Oral And Tooth Care Due To Alterations In Salic Acid Levels And Vomiting. In particular, Beginning bruises should not be forgotten in every period.

Researchers have reported that there is a relationship between the diseases in the teeth and gums during pregnancy and between early birth, growth retardation, diabetes mellitus and preeclampsia.

During the pregnancy period, red, hemorrhagic tissue growths seen especially in the gums called pyogenic granuloma can be seen. If a complaint is found, it can be surgically removed.

It is the most reliable antibiotic group Penicillin and its Derivatives that can be used in cases where there is infection in the teeth or environment tissues during pregnancy period. Tetracycline Glu-Ubu Antibiotics should never be used during pregnancy.

The most appropriate time for my dental treatment during pregnancy is 3-6 months.

But in Emergency Situations (like Toothache) Dentist treatments can be done in every term (as canal treatment, tooth extraction) by obtaining permission from the obstetrician. Toothache is a severe condition that lowers people’s life standards. In this case, the expectation of pregnancy is creating a risk in the development of the baby due to the increase of emotional stress.

Studies have shown that local anesthetic agents used during pregnancy do not pose a risk to the child and the mother.

Radiation rate in X-ray devices used in dentistry can be taken in emergency situations by using extremely low-rate, lead aprons and thyroid protectors.

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